Monday, November 05, 2007

Coolest Things I've Seen From a Plane

1. Manhattan
2. Long Island, both the North and South Forks
3. Cap Cod, seeing the "horn" swing out all the way to Provincetown
4. What looked like street lights along a beach on a flight to Israel that lasted forever
5. Chicago being dwarfed by the lake
6. Los Angeles stretching out forever
7. Ground Zero just a few months after 9/11
8. The Moon, following me home from Barbados
9. Coney Island
10. The boot of Italy, or at least that's what I think I saw
11. All the Greeks Islands that kept popping on my way from Athens to Rhodes
12. Heat Lighting over Indianapolis
13. Houses on tiny islands in the middle of the ocean, outside St. Thomas
14. Coming through the clouds and realizing we're directly above the Empire State at night, all lit up
15. Traffic in the English countryside backed up for miles

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