Sunday, March 30, 2008

Amazing Song

If you have a spare 4.5 minutes, watch this video.

Her name is Imogen Heap, and apparently she's been around for some time. She's even been nominated for 2 Grammys. I think she'd be great on SNL. They've had some amazing bands this season. I usually NEVER watch the bands, but Wilco, Vampire Weekend and even Carrie underwood have been highlights.

Oh, could you tell I finally learned how to embed video into my blog?

2 Girls 1 Cup Reactions

If you haven't yet seen "2 Girls 1 Cup," be happy. It's nothing anyone should want to see. Of course, as soon as some one told me that I HAD to go watch it. Wish I didn't. The best part of the clip is watching everyone's video reactions. People sadistically make their friends watch the video and taping their reactions. It's funny as hell. Here's a good one:

This is also good. The reason it's funny (besides it being Muppet related) is because if you've seen the video, you know that there is NO WAY IN HELL anyone can watch it without some kind of reaction. Even better, they're in a dorm room, just like all the other posts on YouTube!

I highly recommend watching more reactions. It's always funny. But in no way should you watch the actual video. Just don't. I was nauseous for 4 days.

Funny Video

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What Marriage is All About

"We need toilet paper."

"OK, let's get the Charmin Plus."

"No, let's buy the cheap stuff now and have my mom bring us Charmin next time she comes to visit."

"No, let's just get the good stuff. Our butts are worth it."

"Really?? Even though we're throwing money away?"

"We're not throwing it away. We're flushing it."

POSTSCRIPT - we got the Charmin Plus. Harley's mom didn't bring any the next time she visited.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Can You Say...

Shalom, Mr. Vice President!!

Not sure if this is what will end up being the ticket, but it's a good fit. Having Lieberman as a VP candidate gets you the more conservative end of the Democratic party and potentially the Jews. Plus, Lieberman knows how to tow the party line without making waves. That works nicely with McCain's temper.

Watch this

water balloons in slow motion

My Latest Thoughts on the Election

Watching Obama's last speech made me think of the word "ideology." Louis Althusser defined ideology as a system of beliefs that creates the appearance of the beliefs as being reality, and gives people a sense of meaningfulness. We are all born into a world with pre-defined options. You are never outside ideology. People create texts (books, TV, movies, news) within it; we are spoken to by texts and these texts help make us who we are.

Ideology changes across each culture. For example, Nazism and Apartheid seemed like good ideas to some people because the ideology they lived in told them, not directly, but through social apparatus a dominant popular consensus (and brutal repression, but that's another post).

Each candidate is trying to convince the public that their view of the American ideology is the best. No matter how persuasive or moral they seem, they are trying to persuade you. They're politicians, it's their job. Doesn't make what they say any more or less impactful, but it should be recognized as that.

After Obama's speech, I have changed my preference from Hillary to Obama. I’ll vote for either, but now I like him a lot more. I prefer his take on our ideology over Hillary's. Two things struck me about his speech:

1. His explanation of white resentment (not that I feel this way) struck me, his ability to understand and explain where it comes from and empathize with those who feel negatively towards his own race. He was able to see both sides. There was no dogma or persuasion to follow any one perspective. That's what I want in a president. If we get attacked, I want the commander in chief to understand WHY it happened so that our response does not provoke additional attacks.

2. He criticized his former pastor for not seeing that this country, tainted as it is, is also able to have one his own congregation become a leading candidate for the presidency. I can't explain why this spoke to me, nor do I feel the need to, but bringing to light this contradiction between perception and reality really got to me.

Hillary's yelling “Shame on you, Senator Obama!” left a bad taste in my mouth (like a mean teacher in elementary school). I also don't like the 3am commercial playing to fears (too Rove-ish for me). I still think she would be a more productive president, using her contacts in congress to get more policies through. I still think Obama, if elected, will struggle with this (unless he has both houses of Congress as democrats, then it’s game on).

As of now, my wife and I are split (she's for Hillary). I am fine with that. The US a democracy, which means majority rules. Majority, not individuals. If we take these things too personal, we lose sight of what is good for the many and undermine the principles this country was founded on. I believe he is the best candidate for the job, but not the ONLY one. If I become an Obama-worshipper, Harley is allowed to smack me.

Thoughts on Lost

The captain showed Sayid and Desmond images of the crash of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the sea. Widmore's people believe (as far as we know) that Ben put the plane there. But last night, we see Ben's people (Tom, aka Mr. Friendly, who is later killed by Sawyer, or so we think) tell Michael that the crash was hoax planted by Widmore.

So who put the plane there? Tom had pictures of the graves from Thailand and the purchase of the plane, which is very convincing that Widmore put it there. But we also know Ben can make things magically appear just by thinking about them with his "magic box".

Ben had Alex go out to the temple so that he could get his daughter back with his people and safe from the oncoming war between the survivors and Widmore's people. He had his people wait until they arrived on the trail to the temple and ambushed them. Karl (the boyfriend) was killed so that Alex would be safe (this includes safe from getting pregnant). Rousseau was an unfortunate casualty of the cross-fire.

Sadly, Rousseau spent 16 years on the island staying alive by focusing on her own well-being. As soon as she stops caring about just herself and focusing on her daughter, she dies. The lesson? Care too much about other people and you're dead. Think about this logic, and it helps justify what Michael had to do (at least a tiny bit).

But how is Ben in touch with his people? And what good will $3 million to do Miles when he's held prisoner by Locke? Why only $3 million?

Cool tidbit from Lostpedia: Before his death, Karl says, "I've got a bad feeling about this." This is a line that is spoken in every episode of Star Wars.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Spring Break Ever

NYU is on Break this week. That means all classes are cancelled for the week, so I have a free Tuesday. This might not seem like a lot, but it's been huge. Not only do I have Tuesday night free, but I don't have 200 pages of reading due. And it's been one of the best Tuesday nights ever.

I got out of work at 5:40 today. That's earlier than I've gotten out in weeks. And I wasn't stressed when I left. Everything was OK, and nothing was so urgent that it couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Harley and Lilah met me at the supermarket, and we did some family shopping. We then stopped at Duane Reade and got Lysol cleaner for only $2.50 on sale. Wow. When we got home, Harley made me a nice, stiff drink while I watched Colbert.

I found out the director of Friday Night Lights is remaking Dune , this time about "finite ecological resources."

I realized that American Idol is at the point where I no longer enjoy watching. I really enjoyed it this season, but it's time to move on.

My chicken took forever, and corn flake crumbs got everywhere. I haven't done shit on my paper, but I still have 5.5 weeks. Next week might suck, but I still have brownies and ice cream to look forward to.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Check Out This Sweet Peep Show

Nothing says "Happy Easter!" like a lap dance.

Dorky Fact of the Day

The Appalachian mountains used to be higher than the Himalayas are today. They were formed whenof what is now North America collided with what is now Africa. These did not look like these continents today but were the only 2 land masses on the planet. They collided and created the greatest supercontinent of all, Pangaea.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Quote of the Day

"What would you say to young women looking to break into the industry?"

"I would say do what you love. And believe in yourself. That's really the most important thing, believing in yourself."
- BellaDonna, porn star

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In honor of this annual-yet-historic event, schools are closing, all retail outlets are having massive sales, there's extra coupon in the newspaper, and steakhouses are serving tofu.

Check out her latest TV performance about why spanking is bad. Doesn't she look hot?

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I love you.

In Honor of Chuck

In honor of Chuck Noriss's birthday yesterday, here is a link to the always funny Chuck Norris Facts.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Thoughts on the Election

I'm sick of it. God damn sick of it all. And by all, I mean:
- endless conversation on television
- front page headlines that tell me nothing I don't already know
- giving every issue a political spin
- just-breaking stories on a daily basis
- determining who has what momentum
- polls that no one trusts but every one listens to
- super-delegates
- what the American people really want
- "change"
- thinking I give a crap what Keith Olberman, Tim Russert, and other pundits think
- one party divided over 2 ground-breaking candidates
- devoted followers, haters, and those who can't see both sides
- offensive amounts of money spent on negative ads
- interviews from inside planes
- convincing rhetoric from both sides making family members think they don't share the same political views, when it's all basically the same liberal agenda
- rock star candidates, and veterans who feel entitled to the office

I want the papers to talk about real issues, not the sensationalist crap we've been getting. Who's winning? Where, and with what kind of people? The news industry has latched onto the election because of its drama, not because of the policy issues. I know more about each candidates staff of campaign advisors than I do about their economic plans.

I'd be happy with either candidate. We have a war going on and an impending recession. Let the government get back to work instead of taking sides. I just want it over.

One thing I am not sick of is joke about John McCain being old. Those are FUNNY! You know who invented the cotton gin? John McCain. When did Columbus sail the ocean blue? The same year John McCain was born.

The Worst Vacation Ever

I took a few days off from work (Wed-Fri) to work on my mid-term. I handed it in this morning and I do not feel good about it. I worked so hard, but I don’t know if it’s what the professor wants.

My writing process is the same as when order dinner at a restaurant. Every sentence was followed by a second-guess if that is what I really want to say. I only 4 pages, so I had to make sure each word was important.

I know the theory, but did I apply it properly? Did I balance explaining the concepts with application of them to specific articles? I don’t f*cking know. After I spent hours finalizing the draft, I thought of other ways I could outline the information that would be more cohesive and compelling.

In the end, I had to hand in what I had. I didn’t have the energy left. This is the hardest class I’ve taken (with the Business class a close second). I may have over-thought it, but I don’t think so. I am really looking forward to a summer with no academia involved.

Still, it was wonderful to wake up at 10 everyday, watch morning cartoons with Lilah, lunch with Paula & Lilah at Big Daddy’s, and not be hounded by work emails all day long.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TheMediaDude Supports...

... Canadian Club Whiskey

I don't know exactly why, but I am a huge fan of this booze. It started off being made in Canada just across the river from Detroit, during Prohibition. It became popular in the clubs, and became known as Club Whiskey. After Prohibition, they were forced to put Canadian on the package to give the US brands an edge. But the Canadian term helped differentiate it and made it even more popular.

I was going to make a joke about it, like "cause when you want to drink something to make you feel like your 60-years old, it should taste good too." Then I went to their website and saw a huge banner that says "Damn right your Dad drank it." That was hilarious, and I understood just what it meant. The shit tastes good! (I drink it with coke.)

Check out the new ad campaign. It's funny, acknowledges the heritage of the brand while making it relevant for today. Reminds me of Old Spice, but on a lower marketing budget.

Project Runway at Fashion Week

You may or may not know that the top 5 finalists on Project Runway all show at Fashion Week no matter what. This is so that people will still not be able to figure who "made it there" and who didn't, since they are all there.

Most people don't look hard enough to find this out. Luckily, my wife is not one of these people.

Here is the link to see all of the top 5's collections. It's so good to see Sweet Pea make it. I know she gave up on the last challenge, but I like her stuff.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cool UPC Designs

Though they are on almost every packaged good in the industrialized world, nobody thinks about UPC codes.

This company designs shapes for the UPC bar codes that are cooool.

understanding that bar codes are notiously hard to print (registratering the thin lines on a press run where millions are printed is no easy feat). But this is still cool.