Monday, December 17, 2007

My Weekend

Here are some things I never thought I'd hear myself say:
- "Lilah, please don't hit yourself."
- "Lilah, please put the bleach down."
- "Lilah, the bathroom plunguer is not a toy."
- "Lilah, that fork is not for you."

Lilah fell asleep at 9:30pm Sunday night after a full days of football in HD. So Daddy got to watch the final Lord of the Rings movie in full 1080i high resolution on my massive new TV. It was awwwwesome. Everything is better in HD. The visual effects were more stunning at home than in the theater.

Italian Milk Hot Chocolate at Max Brenner's & Mommy/Daddy time on Friday night was definitely a highlight. Traffic in Long Island still sucks. Definitely a lowlight.

Pretty much finished my 15-page paper about the implications of the DVR on network prime-time broadcasting. I'm either an oracle for the future of media or B student. Either way, I'm glad it's done!

Heard Brian's drunk story about Saturday night. Very funny, but he didn't wake up in a hospital after going missing for 4 hours. Sorry dude, I still win.

Treating Julie to brunch on Sunday was great. Almost as great as my hanger steak (cooked rare, of course).

Getting stuck in Hartford on Thursday - sucked. Not checking work email to take a nap on Friday morning - priceless.

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