Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Past Few Days

- The Eagles looked amazing on Sunday. Football, I missed you!
- hearing Lilah call an apple a "bappy"
- having some Daddy-time during Saturday's nap
- the sampler 6-pack of Saranac beer. the clear winner is the Pale Ale, followed by the Brown Ale. Definitely a good call at the supermarket. The pineapple salsa was just as exciting to purchase but didn't hold up once I got home.
- watching football on my new LCD TV in the bedroom. Daddy's TV rules!!!
- my Monday evening walk with Lilah. That kid can run! All she wanted was for me to hold her.
- seeing Lilah smile everytime IO kiss her cheeck.
- Getting 50 pages of reading done on the plan to Boston. The book is by Steven Pinker and claims that there is a innate human trait, an innate gene that drives us to create language no matter what culture or location.
- Lilah waking up late at night just to say hi to me after getting home late from a client dinner

- accidentally using salt instead of sugar and ruining what would have been an amazing batch of chocolate chip banana bread
- getting caught in the rain on the way to the supermarket
- the extra hours needed to work on Sunday
- getting stuck in a holding patten for 40 minutes 30 miles away from LGA coming back from Boston
- the awful red wine that made the plane ride nauseating
- doing laundry
- being forced to watch 90210 while writing this blog
- not having enough time at work to do my expense report
- hearing that McCain is up in the polls. America is easily fooled.


your sil said...

I hear ya on the pineapple salsa.

Oh, and don't worry, they are tied again today...

Don't Be So Dramatical said...

You left one out, I think:

- Making a hugely successful loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread with wifey!