Monday, April 27, 2009

You Never Call, You Never Write

Yeah, sorry I've been a little absent. The new job, the new kid, the final paper, I've been a little busy and the blog has suffered. There was a stretch of time I honestly thought about just not blogging anymore. But here I am at lunch, making all of your lives better. You are sooooo welcome.

I got an iPod Touch. It was part my-iPod-broke-why-bother-fixing-it and I-got-a-new-job-present-to-myself. I don't like it. I find the navigation difficult, it's hard to change a song while walking, and fast-forwarding/rewinding is a pain. BUT, I have all the games from the App store final at my disposal, and watching videos of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a joy. And those are the real reasons I wanted one in the first place.

The new job is great. Great! People are great, the work is right up my alley, and the stress is a billion times lower. I'm happy that my first month is over, as the longer I stay the more secure I feel. This has been a huge change in lifestyle for the good. I'm no longer a stressed out ass when I get home.

I stayed home from Francesca's 6th birthday party to write my final paper for the semester. I didn't get to bowl, but draft 1 is done and not due until a week from Thursday. That makes me very, very happy.

I'm getting fat. I used to be on the second notch in my belt, now I'm on the first. Not sure why. I think it's because a) I'm not running around all day, b) I can't help myself to some candy or fried foods at lunch, and c) summer beer goes down so smooth. I need to work on this.

Jack and Lilah are doing so good. They are so cute and sweet. Lilah loves Jack, especially hanging out with him in his gym. He's getting so big, Lilah is getting so smart. Harley and I always say how much our kids rock.

I'm obsessed with the story of Exodous. Cable television has taken it upon itself to relook at the story from a military, environmental, geological, and medical perspective. Basically, a small group of semites left a drought in Canaan for the powerful empire next door. Two hundred years later, they left. Was Moses a prophet or a great general? Were the Jews slaves or warriors who got too much power? Did God kill the first born, or did the extra grain that given to all first born sons have deadly mold thsat killed them? Whatever the facts were, that has been the spiritual basis of our society for millenia.

The Yankee game was awesome. I'm trying to get into baseball as a means to pass the time until football starts again. I like being a Yankee fan, I just wish they'd start winning again.

Our next vacation starts the week of July 18th. The countdown begins NOW.

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