Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Good Day

So many good things happened today!

- Harley Abrevaya, my beautiful wife, was notified that she passed the NY Bar Exam. She did it pregnant and stressed and I couldn't be prouder!
- I got the test results on my first Graduate School mid-term and did very well (29/30).
- I got a free lunch from work.
- The 1 class I wanted to take next semester was filled this morning, which was very depressing, but I just checked the availability and was able to register for it. Awesome!
- I finished listening to the Phish Colorado '88 album and loved every second of it.
- I'm still stressed as hell, but I now see that the end is in sight. Thursday night, my baby comes (and I should be home in time for the Sunday Eagles game).

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