Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Baby Girl

Lilah Abrevaya Heller
born at 3:03pm on 11/17/2006
6 lbs. 13oz., 20.5" long

She's the best thing ever. EVER!!! Nine days old and she's getting so big. No dating for at least 6 months.

My favorite story to date: the worst timed diaper change ever. I was changing her around 3am and she decided to go again, all over my hands. First the pee, then the poop. I was watching the little poop come out of her butt, literally catching it on muy finger so it wouldn't get on her. I was grossed out, but she's my girl and she needed me. I kept saytiong "Daddy loves you! Daddy loves you!" Ever since that, I pray for wet diapers each and every time I change her.

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