Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football, how I've missed you...

I was at a bar with my father-in-law today. I had a cold beer in my hand and 5 TV screens in front of me, each with a different game shown in real-time. I could move from screen to screen without even moving my neck, seeing the entire world of NFL unfold before my eyes. God damn, I love it.

Before that, I was watching the game at home, where I only had access to 1 game. Even that was fun. While I watched the Giant/Green Bay game, I kept my eye on the ticker to see how every other game was going. I wasn't drinking, but I was only wearing boxer shorts. There's something to be said for football in pajamas.

This week was much better than last week where I got so drunk I barley made it home and only watched 1 game. Still, much like sex, any football is good football.

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Boywonderesq said...

How you missing football now? The Eagles are at the bottom of the NFC East and Penn State is out of the polls. I told you not to leave the house.