Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Shake of the Hand

I'm a bad hand-shaker. I realized this at a meeting last week.

Hand shaking is a tricky thing. You don't want to have a weak, "wet fish" grip, but you also don't want to hurt anyone. One guy last week squeezed my hand and cracked all my knuckles. It wasn't on purpose, but now he's forever that asshole that squeezed my hand too hard.

My problem isn't the grip, but the timing. Some people like to hang out and take their time holding my hand, but not me. I try and get the whole thing done and over with as quickly as possible. unfortunately, this means I usually end up being the first one to release. I think this makes me look bad, like I don't want to be near this person. This is typically the case, but I don't want it to be that obvious.

Harley says she does 2 shakes up and down: one, two, release. This seems like a good plan. I have 2 big meeting this week, so let's see how it goes. I just need to balance grip, length, and the up-and-down motion. I would rather salute, or even bow like the Japanese. I guess this is the price of freedom. haha

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