Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jack's Bris - 03/11/09

Jack's Bris was amazing. It was in our apartment, packed with family, very cozy. It took place on a Wednesday. It was his mother's birthday and the 20th Anniversary of his father's Bar Mitzvah. I say that's a coincidence, but you never know.

We found our mohel through an old camp friend of Harley's. This friend's mother-in-law is a pediatrician and a mohel and had done the ceremonies for her 3 grandchildren. She approached the service from a very emotional place, making sure that t was gentle and calm for both the baby and family. She had us apply topical anesthetic to his weenie so it would be nice and numb before she even got there. She also gave him wine and sugar water to distract him from the pain. The sugar water worked much better.

She walked through the ceremony slowly but not too slow. Explained the importance of why we do it, what it means, and how the honors are offered to the family. The ceremony was about offering a little bit of ourselves to God, proving that we still have what it takes to be the chosen people. That was not a direct quote.

It was hard to watch the actual procedure. Imagine someone cutting a turtleneck with a cigar cutter and you'll get the impression I got as I watched with squinted eyes through my finders. He cried, but he had cried a lot harder the night before from gas. It was gentle, sweet, and over before I knew it. His penis is all healed now, and the pediatrician said it looks beautiful. I'm ecstatic that this is all behind us.

We had written a little something to say during the service to help personalize the ceremony and make it meaningful to our family. In the end, it felt so personal that we didn't need to read this, which was great. But here it is. A little schmaltzy, but see how you feel when someone's about to cut your son's dick and try to not get a little emotional.

We introduce Jack Abrevaya Heller to the family.
We welcome him home.
We embrace him in a familial cocoon of love.

We take full responsibility for him, but leave some of that left for him.

We recognize the profound influence we will have on the kind of man he will become.

We hope to guide him on his journey, teach him what he needs to know, and help him on his way

We will love and protect him, and feel comforted that he is surrounded by loving family and friends who will do the same.

He, and all of us, are blessed with that.

We remember all those who cannot be here today

We reflect on those we have lost, but who still surround us everyday

Welcome home, son. We've been waiting for you.


Join, hands and hearts and voices

Voices, hearts and hands

Jack's finally home

Best friends forever

Voices hearts and hands


pdrake13 said...

oh great.I'm at work & my make up is running down my face. Well written!!!

Don't Be So Dramatical said...

There is a backstory to the Dirty Dancing reference...I will blog about it someday soon...

TheMediaDude said...

Someday soon = 2011

hellerpn said...

Very touching sentiments. Jack has been blessed to have such caring parents.