Monday, March 30, 2009

The New Job

Has anyone else heard how bad the economy is? I think I saw a commercial during The Celebrity Apprentice about a bank, or something. Anyway, I got a new job! I didn't lose my old one, didn't need to leave my current company, and got a nice bump in pay. I somehow got very, very lucky.

Business in branding has been good for a while. After an awful summer, CPG (consumer packages goods) companies have been investing in their brands. People will always need to buy soap, eggs, juice, candy. Firms like mine work on these smaller brands, and work has been steady. Fees are down and timelines are shorter, but business has been brisk!

Bigger firms that work on corporate programs (big bank logos, airlines, banks) typically make a shitload more. While my typical project may be $150-200K, there's could be a $500-1M. There's never been a better time to work on CPG brands, as those live and dive on shelf impact and positioning that only package design can deliver.

My new company is called Blue Marlin and does basically what my old company did. It's smaller, and I'll be coming in with a lot of experience and seniority. I start tomorrow and am really excited. It was painfully cler that I had outgrown my old position and the internal politics had become painful.

Wish me luck.


your sil said...

the website is too cute, good luck!

Jen Simon said...

break a leg, buddy. you will be very missed.