Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thoughts on a Wednesday

Lilah loves to open the refrigerator and get out what she wants, all by herself. She’ll run into the living room with a slice of cheese, the chocolate milk, pasta. One time she even brought us the Brita when she was thirsty.

The problem is that she leaves the refrigerator door open. I told her that she’s letting all the cold out and the penguins are going to come. What did she say next?
1. I see penguins!!
2. Oh, Daddy! That’s so silly.
3. Why? Why the penguins coming to my house?
4. I want chocolate milk.

When I come home from work, I have to pick Jack right up or he screams. When I do pick him up, he gets the biggest smile on his face, gets so excited and flaps his arms like a bird. So fucking cute.

We went to a wedding outside Raleigh/Durham. Turns out the Raleigh and Durham are twin cities. The wedding took place right in between them. That’s right, we spent the weekend in the taint of North Carolina.

The drive was good. Lilah got sick the morning on the way their but was such a good sport about it. We like long drives, but hour 8-10 is rough. I went straight to work and have been exhausted ever since.

I had to do a presentation on Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda machine. I should have prepared more, but I faked it pretty well. I just spewed all the useless knowledge that Brian had told me over the years and gave a quick history lesson. Finally, Brian’s blabbering came in handy.

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