Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Kids 10.15.10


World, plase meet Grad. Grad the dancing penguin was a gift from Ma, best MIL ever, as a congratulations gift for finishing my NYU master's program. Ma knew purchased me this as a token, which is grealty appreciated. Surprisingly, this little penguin kind of sums up how I am feeling about the whole thing.

Seriously, I am happy, and I know it! I feel like clapping my hands and shouting hooray. I can take my time at night. I don't have an albatross around my neck. I don't have to save my energy with the the kids to keep writing. No editing, sourcings, bibliographies, referencing checking, none of it.

I went for sushi and got the most expensive roll AND hot sake.

I had a beer when I got home after work. So what if I get tired? I don't have to work!

I watched Lost the same night it aired.

I didn't have Jack crying at the door because I won't play with him.

I didn't bring my computer home from work.

I felt like I had just returned from the war and was given a second chance. I can't believe it's over!

I sort of miss it. At graduation I noticed that Steinhardt had a nutrition/food science program. I looked into, one of the core courses is on Agriculture. It sounded awesome. And oh look, it's only 32 credits. So that would take me 2 classes, no 3 classes a year and...

NOOOOO!!! No no no no. Oh no you don't! No more. I can read any book I want, watch any movie. There is no subject off limits. I just cannot/will not put myself under the emotional and financial pressures of an organized academic institution. (Maybe I'll go for a PhD when I retired. Seriously.) For now and a long time after, it's the college of life (the cheesiest line of my blogging career to date, yet oddly true).

This little penguin really sums it up. I got my whole life ahead of me. I'll likely never lose the drive to read and learn new things. But now my time is my own. I just taped 3 hour long shows about space, so that may keep me busy. I'm dying to get back into the guitar, which will happen. And I may think about reading some fiction (probably not).

What this video most represents is that I now have the time to watch the little moments like this with the kids. Before, I'd be in the bedroom working while these gems take place. Now, I can be there without the worry of my school work (on top of my job). That's the biggest relief.


Boywonderesq said...

Worst post ever!

Boywonderesq said...

I posted that this was the worst post ever last night, when it was posted as just a title. Now that there is content, I must clarify my statement to read that, except for everything about the kids, this is the WORST POST EVER!!!! I apologize for any confusion.

Mary said...

Again, congratulations!