Friday, August 11, 2006

Baby Likes Me

Around this time in her development, the baby's hearing is functional. She is no longer scared by sounds loud, unfamiliar sounds (such as car horns or fire alarms). At the same time, she can be comforted by other more familiar sounds she hears regularly. This is one of the first times she is using her memory.

Last night I was talking to the baby, like I was always do. I say things like "Hi Baby" and "I love you, L[ashandah]". I don't plan on being too talkative to the baby, as I know Mommy is much better at gab than Daddy. It feels a little weird talking to a stomach, but I know she's in there and I want her to know my voice before she comes out.

So last night, she started kicking after I spoke. Very exciting! I watched the belly for a little longer to see if she would kick so hard I could see it, but to no avail. (I saw it happen once and am dying to see it again. It may have looked like Alien, but it reminded me more of The Boy in the Bubble. She' not trying to get out, just testing the limits of her environment.

This morning I said bye to Mommy then to Baby. After I left, Baby started kicking again. We think that means baby knows my voice. And by her kicking, that means she likes me. I can't tell you how awesome that feels! When you love something so much before you even get to see it, any kind of "communication" is precious.

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Anonymous said...

Baby LOVES you :)