Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Best and Worst of Newport, RI.

- hanging out with Harley in the air conditioned suite, then having to leave the air conditioned suite to go on a crappy ghost tour
- "hanging out" with Harley in the back room of the air conditioned suite
- free dessert after finding a piece of tin foil in my bleu cheese bacon burger (I had a vanilla brownie sundae, Harley had fresh fruit and sorbet)
- forgetting to bring more than 1 pair of underwear
- Harley being unable to walk but still buying 2 pairs of shoes
- seeing The Breakers mansion
- spending an hour in traffic to get to Grandma Ruth’s, but then finally getting to see her
- seeing a girl with the same left-should tattoo as Angelina Jolie (how could her mother let that happen!)
- parking on Saturday night and the crap Mexican meal we had
- the Cookies & Cream malted milkshakes, then the explosive gas it gave me
- having to have another Cookies & Cream malted milkshake the following day
- the heat!!
- seeing the John Lennon art exhibit and buying Baby L her first book
- getting the huge dragon tattoo on my chest (hahaha)
- finding a vegetarian friendly Italian restaurant, then liking Harley's vegetarian meal more than my own meat dish
- watching Good Eats in a king size bed, but having Harley roll onto my side and still leaving me no room on a king size bed
- the most talkative Innkeeper in the world
- forgetting about work, then coming back to work Monday morning
- being on vacation with "my girls", knowing that this could be the last one for a long, long time

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Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend :)
xoxo Wifey