Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fallout From the Cruise

I knew there'd be a downside. Ever since we got back:

- I've been hungry. I try not to eat, so I have small snacks. All those snacks add up. Most of all, I need sugar. The end of every meal/snack/hour deserves a treat. All this, and I hate paying for food. Good times.
- I'm gorging on booze. I've gone through a third of my Bermudian rum in 4 days... mmm. I had to watch it for a full week, so now I'm catching up.
- I'm relaxed, which is not necessarily a good thing. My job requires me to be proactive, double-check every detail and anticipate problems before they happen. Lounging at my desk enjoying the afternoon is not helping.
- I got used to sitting by the pool doing nothing. Even with my Graduate Education beginning this week, I can't bear to pull myself away from my best friend, TiVo. This also might be a good time to discuss my YouTube addiction. (Brian, watch this.)
- I miss swimming in the ocean. I find myself over-salting my food to get a little of the marine flavor back. Weird, but true.
- With every passing week, the reality of parenthood gets closer and closer. Jubilation and paralyzing anxiety are running neck and neck for the top emotional spot.
- Trivia anyone? Taboo, perhaps? I need games! Why can't my employer understand the time commitment this requires?!?

All in all, it's good to be home. I do NOT miss the rocking of the boat or the moron-people who don't know how a buffet line works. I also appreciate having more than 6 channels of TV to choose from, but damn, I wish I were back on the boat.

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