Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Mapping of the Universe

Watch this. It's a little slow, but all good space stuff is. It's supposed to be watched in a large, dark planetarium, so please give it a shot.

I wrote a paper my senior year of college on this topic, and I think this very same survey. They've gathered a lot more data since then, but the overall learnings are still the same as I remember. What's even cooler is that they've combined the survey results with the mapping of the background radiation of the universe.

This is the most remarkable map ever produced. It's the most comprehensive look at the superstructure of the entire cosmos. What would Columbus say to this? How about Newton, or even Einstein? It allows us all to be at the front lines in exploration of "the final frontier."

Best of all, we can easily watch it on YouTube. It took Marco Polo 3 years just to get to China, and then many more to come back, write a book about his adventures, get it published, and finally distributed around the world. That doesn't include getting people to actually reads it.

Dissemination of information used to take decades, now it can be done in weeks, or even days if you're Paris Hilton. I f*&king love YouTube!!

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