Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Day of Class

The night before my first graduate class, I kept having nightmares of being late. (Had to be there at 7:15 and it's already 7:30. Wait, class is tomorrow night. Uh oh, I'm late again!) None of that happened. I got to the classroom with 45 minutes to spare and had to wait around. Met a few folks and had quick chit chat.

I stopped talking and started listening to all the chit chat. There were a limited number of topics discussed:
- which classes are you taking? (Media Revolution, Media Research)
- where do you work? (one for Google, one for ABC News)
- what music do you listen to? ("give me an example of everything")
- did you get the books yet?

I had a hard time with the chit chat and decided to be a little anti-social. I looked around at my peers, all of whom seem very nice. I was struck by the normalcy of everyone. No nerd-math or artsy-non-conformist types. Just regular, productive, smart people. Some young, none much older than me, but not too different.

The professor was young, which wasn't too surprising, with 5 years at NYU. Seems very smart. Uses big words and interesting phrases ("Media - let's unpack what that means"). Not a stickler for attendance, we're expected to be in charge of our own experience.

Here is the syllabus. The readings seem interesting and very challenging. I didn't feel very excited, but that made sense to me. This course will lay the foundation for the rest of my schooling. I wasn't excited to learn to read, but I had to get through it. Same here.

The funniest thing about last night's class was that I spent the time thinking about this blog entry. As I write this blog, all I can think about is eating chocolate. So if you'll excuse me...

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