Monday, February 12, 2007

Paul Simon and John Lennon... the Grammys. A cool little moment. You can see that John is really uncomfortable but still trying to act like he doesn't give a shit. Make sure you watch after they announce the winner. That's the best part.

Personal Note: Is it just me, or does John Lennon remind anyone else of Uncle Larry?? Both tall, both cool, both funny, both dearly missed.


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Bill said...

Hello! You have a very nice blog! Sorry, I'm a conformist. I watched the clip and, given the nominated songs, I can't believe which one won.

Lennon didn't remind me of my father, but he'd have enjoyed the comparison. He would always get Vladamir Putin and James Cromwell. The latter is playing Jack Bauer's father this season, and it's freakin' me out!

Thanks for the kind words.