Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Interesting site. Some guy apparently took a photographic interest in the Chernobyl site. He created this image library of the site and surrounding areas.

The images are a little boring. There's not much going on, but the implications are astounding. The danger here is invisible. It's a world frozen in time from the blast. Lucky for us, it was a Russian town that America never heard of. If this happened in Ohio, we'd have a much different take on it.

I wonder if this guy got sick from being there? Why would he risk it? I do understand, though. For some reason, I'm fascinated by disaster sites. Some of you might remember a previous blog about a site with images from Hiroshima. Something about the world as we know it being destroyed is so stark and bitter, it's hard to turn away.

Shout-out to Matt Schatz for the link. Matt, you are now the 5th regular reader of the blog. Congratulations!!! You're in good company with Harley, Brian, Bill, and Jen.


MarkR said...

I visited the Chernobyl area for two days in June 2006 with a friend and former resident of Pripyat. We toured the Chernobyl Plant (including the Reactor 4 control room), several of the abandoned villages, and Pripyat. I have posted a photo journal of my trip at:

My Journey to Chernobyl: 20 Years After the Disaster

TheMediaDude said...

Wow! Thanks, markr.