Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus vs. Howard Stern

Howard Stern and Imus have hated each other for years. Now that Imus is in trouble, Stern is in heaven. Here are some quotes from Stern over the past few days:

• "He does nothing. He mumbles, he can't speak English, he can't be understood. He was never funny. You listen to the show, I defy you to laugh."
• "He's completely insane."
• "Go away. Really. It's time."
• "There's probably a 70 percent chance [CBS Radio and MSNBC are] going to have to fire this guy.... He's in for a shitstorm because the girl's basketball team is going to have a press conference, and that's going to look real bad."
• "I guarantee you the wife leaves him. If he loses his job, she leaves him within a year. [And if that happens,] I will leave Beth to fuck her."
• "If it was me and I did something stupid like that I would just go on and say, 'I'm not going on Al Sharpton's show. Al Sharpton is a piece of shit. He's just a human being that is bankrupt, and he should pay his bills.... I would rather just leave the radio than apologize to that man.... I like Al Sharpton, by the way."
• "I mean, come on, Al Sharpton. Imus, get some fucking dignity." [Burps.]
• "I've never seen a 67-year-old guy look that bad."
• "Imus is a moron."
• "Imus had a perfectly nice life, he had no listeners. No one ever bothered him. Now all of a sudden he's getting all this attention, he's cracking. He handled that like shit."
• "How is Imus on the radio? Do you understand a word he says?"
• "He looks awful. How old is Imus for real? Doesn't he look 80?"

I think Stern has said a lot worse things over the year and would have handled the situation a little better than Imus. But well never know for sure...

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