Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pimp Yo'self, Fool!

Don't Player-Hate. Player Appreciate!

This site is awesome! A client sent it to me. Finally, a place I can get all my pimp gear, learn about the art of Pimping, and even get a pimp name. Here are some names of mine...

Funk Master Heller Large
Ghetto Fabulous Heller Silk
Mack Master Heller Sneed
Fine Ass Andrew Wicked
Silver Tongue A. Smooth


Bill said...

Sorry, but Ghetto Fabulous Heller Silk is already taken.

Our grandfather Joe went by this handle in northeast Philadelphia from the late '40's through the early '60's.

The others look okay, though.

Anonymous said...

My favorite ones are:

Tricktickler Harley Slick
D. Magical Harley Love
White Chocolate Abrevaya Shmoove