Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

Harley had a very important meeting on Tuesday (a focus group that pays $400), so she brough Lilah to work so I could watch her. Shouldn't be a problem. I've brought her to work a few times and it's always been good. People like seeing kids and it was only an hour.

I then learned just how much Lilah has grown. She was screaming and yelling the whole time. She wanted to play with my computer and screamed when I moved it. I walked her around and she screamed and squirmed the whole time. She was tired but couldn't sleep. She didn't want me to hold her but didn't want to be on the floor. Oy vey.

I was eventually banished to a conference room where I could close the door and let her roam. After I told her not to bang the porcelain mugs together, I decided it was time to watch Backyardigans on YouTube (couldn't find any video on

We watched the same 9 minute clip over and over again while we ate our lunch (salad with chicken, core, veggies, chickpeas, and cheese). I was able to have half my screen on YouTube and the other half open for emails.

The hour dragged on to 2 hours. Eventually, Mommy came and rescued me. I was sad to see them go but was actually relieved to get back to email.

I did find some really cool clips on YouTube. Check these out:
- the real voice of Dora!!
- Gansta Pablo
- Dora the Heroin Addict
- terrible theater

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