Friday, January 04, 2008

My NFL Playoff Picks

Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh = Jacksonville
San Diego vs. Tennesse = San Diego
Jacksonville vs. New England = New England
San Diego vs. Indianapolis = Indianapolis*
New England vs. Indianapolis = New England

Washington vs. Seattle = Washington
NY Giants vs. Tampa Bay = Tampa Bay
Washington vs. Dallas = Dallas*
Tampa Bay vs. Green Bay = Green Bay
Dallas vs. Green Bay = Green Bay

New England vs. Green Bay = New England

(* means I'm not sure about this pick)

That's right, I'm going with the Pats to win it all. They say nothing counts as much as momentum going into the playoffs, and nobody has more momentum that New England. I also think Washington's dream season won't stand up to Dallas at home.

I also believe that experience will trump momentum. That is why I'm going with Green Bay over Dallas, as Bret Farve knows what it takes to win. Same thing for Indy over San Diego.

I'm also picking the teams with the 1st round bye to win their games, as that extra week of rest is a huge factor.

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Boywonderesq said...

This blog you wrote on Friday totally copies the blog I wrote today. Try and come up with your own ideas, ok?