Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The writer's strike is finally hitting me. There's nothing on. Last night I suffered through this awful movie. Yes, it's an awful. I tapd it because it's HD and I thought it would be fun to watch. After the opening and the amazing song "I'm Alive," the novelty wore off.

It's a time capsule of the 80's in a very bad way. The acting, costumes, sets, and dialogue are terrible. Still, the soundtrack has a couple amazing song, though none are worth the torture of watching a bunch of LA douche bags rolling skating with their hot orange outfits and feathered haircuts.

If I had been smart, I just would have watched this 3-minute clip of the finale with the super-hot Oliva Newton-John. My god, I loved her when I was a kid and still do (not as much as you, Harley!).

With no end to the writer's strike in sight, Harley and I have joined NetFlix. That's good, but it means I'll be watching a bunch of romantic comedies between my war/football movies. Comeback, Heroes!!! I miss you, The Office!!

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