Monday, February 11, 2008

Like the New Look?

I don't. Harley decided to revise my template. I chose the brown one just to upset her (she frowns on brown). It may change again, just as soon as The Wonder Pets is over. It may take longer than it should. Just like the clean socks that have been waiting to be folded for the last 36 hours.

The whole point of the template change was to put links to other blogs on the side. We couldn't figure it out. Brian, tell us how it is done.


Boywonderesq said...

STUPID!!! Go into template, hit "add a page element," a new window will pop up, hit "link list," insert the links there, with nicknames if you want. That should do it. I think.

the latina married to your twin said...

I don't likey.

Anonymous said...

nor do i!