Friday, February 08, 2008

Thoughts on Lost

As discussed with Jen Simon:

- So Ben has a contact on the boat? Who could that be? Jen thinks it's Michael (Walt's dad). His name was in the credits, and it would tie him and Walt back into the story. But how did he get there? Why is he now working for these people?
- The Asian guy that can talk to dead people is on the island to communicate with Jacob, in the cabin.
- Sawyer is hot (thanks, Jen).
- How did Hurley know about the cabin? Locke was shocked, as he felt he was the only one besides Ben who could see it. Remember, Hurley saw it then he didn't. Is he going crazy, or is he more in tune with the island than we thoughts?
- Be said "They want me." Well WHY??!?!? Jack gave the Asian guy the phone if he told them why they were there, but they never said why they were there! This is where the show gets really annoying. The ask the questions and you expect answers but you end up with bupkis.


Wifey said...

check out the "easter egg" report from this week's episode on Always enlightening! Really, Jen,

jsi said...

not just hot, harley...white hot he burns holes in the ground when he walks!

Bill said...

I think the Asian guy did tell Jack they were there for Ben.

TheMediaDude said...

Yes, they are there for Ben. But that was not a direct answer to Jack handing over the phone. I just get annoued when the characters aren't as interested in finding out what's going on as I am.

I think I might need to let go of my anger towards imaginary characters.