Monday, January 19, 2009

Giants Fans are the Worst

Giants fans are the worst. They respond to an Eagle's loss with laughter. No respect, no class, no sportsmanship.

Jets fans, on the other hand, are great. They know how it feels to lose and have compassion. Giants fans forget how losing feels (though they should know) and are (fort he most part) dicks.

Sorry to all who are offended by this, but I'm not really sorry. It's true.


Jen Simon said...

i'm a giants fan and the minute i saw that the eagles lost i changed my status to 'i feel sad for the heller brothers' i'm not a dick.

TheMediaDude said...

No, Jen Simon is most certainly not a dick.

But you're really a Cal fan, right? More than the Giants. This makes you not a dick because you are a civilized sports fan.

JDS said...

You guys are amazing at getting into the NFC Conference Championship game. That is worth something. hehehe