Monday, January 05, 2009

Here's the new Pepsi packaging. I saw this coming weeks before it hit the shelf. There were renderings of it all over the internet, and I hated it. Now that I've seen it in store, I can't decide if I like it or I love it.

I think I love it. It's clean, cool, and stands out. They've gotten ride of all the shit and it's calmer than it's ever been but still feels fresh. I'm not crazy about the odd-shaped stripes with the lump in the middle, but whatever.

The label on the 2 liter bottles, which is hard to see here, has a small gradations from blue/white/silver (depending on the variant) to a cola color. This makes a smooth transition from the liquid to the label. It's a subtle touch but makes a huge difference. I love those little details.

Glad to see that Pepsico isn't f*cking everything up! Speaking of which, here's the new Tropicana in action. It still sucks ass.

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your sil said...

I can't stand either of them!