Saturday, January 10, 2009


I traveled twice this week. First on Tuesday, when I went to Cleveland. This was the second day I had been at work since a week and half off on vacation. During that time, Lilah got spoiled with having Daddy around everyday. Daddy got spoiled, too. I missed being home terribly.

Harley was sick and needed medicine but was too unwell to go out. So she had to wait till I got home. Lilah had been asking for me all day ("daddy come home"), but I was stuck in snowy Ohio. After a 30 minute wait to take off, a holding pattern over NJ, and a 30 minute problem with the jetway, I get finally get home at 10:30pm. Harley was trying to get Lilah to bed, but they both heard me come in. I hear "Daddy!" and take my cue to enter the bedroom. I got there just in time for her to fall asleep in my arms. An awesome end to an awful day.

Friday, I went to Boston. I was supposed to get home around 9pm, but my meeting got pushed earlier and got home before 6pm. Early enough to go out for Friday Family Night Sushi! When I open the door, I get the usual "daddy home!" which is the best part of my day. That's followed by "presents?" Not so much a question as a request.

I did not get her a present. I didn't yet realize that we're at the point that when I go away I have to bring back presents. I was the same way and can deal. But I had nothing. I take the bottle of water (Dasani, my preferred brand) and say, "here, daddy got you a bottle of water!"

Expecting to be laughed at, I get, "I got a bottle!" She takes the half-empty bottle and shakes it, laughing, squeezing the plastic. It's the best gift ever! I go to the bedroom to take off my shows. She comes back a few minutes later with more plastic water bottles than she can carry. Don't ask where they came from.

Despite this warm reception, this bottle may go down as "lamest gift ever," on par with the pen she got for the second night of Hanukkah. Go me!!

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