Friday, June 26, 2009

The New Silk Plus

Here's the old Silk Plus:

Here is the redesign of the Silk Plus line, which has Omega 3 for added nutrition. It no longer has the Plus but the differentiation is much clearer. They haven’t touched the base line, but I would assume that is coming to match this new design.

Silk is owned by a large, national company called Dean Foods, the country’s largest processor and distributor of dairy products. This is a massive company with a strong grip on the dairy industry.

Almost every brand out there has a behemoth company behind them, making sure the product is profitable. I'm all for successful business, but the more I learn about the food industry, the more I get the heeby jeebies. Bad things happen when business gets an unhealthy level of control on how the food is made. Branding is good, but it only goes so far. Then they look to cut costs on the "product." Capitalism must be checked.

More to come on this as I write my thesis.

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Don't Be So Dramatical said...

Looks great. Too bad Silk tastes like ass!