Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Super Market

We took a family trip to Stew Leonard's. Everybody loved it. The produce was great, cheap, and beautiful. The aisles snaked around like a maze, with plenty of samples along the way.

They had a guy dressed in a cow suit for the kids. Lilah did NOT want to say hello to the cow, but she pointed to every cow in the store from there after. Their logo is a cow, so we saw a lot of cows. On the way home and for days after, she kept saying that she wanted to see the cow, to talk to the cow on the phone. It became a bovine obsession.

They had "naked" beef (no additives, nothing artificial) on sale. I stocked up on porterhouses for $6.99 a pound and am going to have my first one tonight. Mmm...

What could have been the best part was the special parking that we qualified for. I love it when things work out.

P.S. I am an excellent parallel parker. I may have failed it on my first driver's test (not the second), but my time in NYC has taught me well. I fit into a tight, tight space on Sunday night and could not have asked for a better Father's Day present. Well, I could have asked but I didn't.


Mary said...

Stew Leonard's shall forever be one of the best stores on the planet. I loved it!! Their corn chowder is super yummy, as are the crab cakes, if you're into that kind of stuff, and we always got a pizza. Ahhh, good times. Even more fun when you get stuck in traffic from a Yankee's game on the way their or back.

tom mattback said...

Stew Leonard's! Man, that place is awesome. The 4 hour round trip from Brooklyn and search for a parking spot when we got back, not so much. But that place was the sh*t.