Thursday, November 05, 2009


I'm sorry, everyone. I have not been in the mood to blog. Grad school is harder than ever since Jack came. I'd rather be home than reading or writing. I'm dreading my papers and the time away from the family they require. I'm having a hard I just need to get through this year, fast. Any time away from the wife and kids makes me upset.

I have been watching baseball. I am seriously into baseball right now. The Yankees were damn exciting. I feel great with the world series, but also a little dirty. Like, we pay $80 million more than any other team. No shit we won! It's winner's guilt.

Baseball is a simple sport, just like basketball or football or soccer. But the more you watch, the more you learn, the more you see the massive complexity involved. There is no time to think, only react. Some people are born to play, others (like me) are not.

Pitching is an art. Try to get this little ball past this guy with a stick. Simple, but difficult. Brian, you don't always throw strikes. You use the balls to get guys to swing when they shouldn't.

I voted against Bloomberg. didn't like that he blew the term limits, that he was listed in the Republican spot, or that he spent gazillions. Plus, I knew he'd win and felt more comfortable voting on principle since I didn't know what else to vote on.

Jack and Lilah started taking baths together. Jack sits in his baby bath, and lilah goes with it in the tub. I fill the water so they are both at the same level, and they play while facing each other. It's the cutest thing I ever saw. Last night, lilah was playing and splashed jack in the eyes. He started wailing, then she started. It was a chain reaction of tears that took 10 minutes to end. I tried to stop it, but it's power was overwhelming. It was sad but so, so funny.

My new favorite drink: Southern Comfort & Ginger Ale. It's very sweet, which I like, and the whiskey mixes with the ginger to give it almost a cherry feel. I call it a "Yankee Red," cause it's reddish and I made it up while watching the yankees.

Off to class...

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