Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Cards - the Curse of Parenthood

I have never in my life sent holiday cards. I can barley get out a thank-you email, much less a thank you card. The idea of sending a "Happy Holidays" card is foreign to me. Putting a picture of myself on one and sending it to everyone I know is even stranger.

Don't get me wrong. It's sweet that some one would take the time to address each of their friends to wish them a happy holiday. There's no better time of year for it. But when I get them from friends and family, I feel torn. Am I supposed to reply? Does this warrant a return-card, phone call, or email? Is it rude if I don't send one? What are the moral implications of the pre-printed picture postcard vs. a Hallmark greetings card? What made me so special that I get a card, or does everyone they know get one?

Now that Lilah is here, my outlook has changed. I get why parents send a picture of their kids to all their friends and acquaintances. You might never get a chance to catch up with some of these people and show off your kids. I don't get so much why a single person would send a holiday card (maybe it's something their parent's did?), but it's still sweet.

We might start sending cards just to keep up with the rest of our newly-wed/new-parent friends & family. It's all up to Harley, as I can't be bothered. This is very much a girl thing anyway. Guys don't have time for Holiday cards (it's NFL playoff time!).

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