Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lilah's Astrology Chart

I love astrology. Not that I believe in it or use it to help guide my life. I don't even check it more than once a month. But I do love it as a system to understand people and personality types.

It has a total of 12 signs, but it is really a series of 6 polarities. Each sign has an opposite. For example, Cancer is the sign of home and family. Capricorn, the opposite, is the sign of career and public life. By seeing the differences between the 2 and understanding the opposition, we better understand the essence of each.

My beautiful little girl has the following:

Sun: Scorpio - the sign of inheritances and legacy. We are concerned with the things in life that you can't touch, what you leave behind. The opposite is Taurus, which is the sign of possessions and material. With a Scorpio Daddy and Pisces Mommy (both water signs), there will be a lot of emotion in this household, but a lot of love and empathy.

Rising: Aries - The sign of the self and the individual. Headstrong and bold. The opposite is Libra, the sign or partnerships and relationships.

Moon: Libra - Opposite of the rising, this will help balance out how she feels with how she acts while creating a dichotomy between the 2.

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