Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Guilt of Extreme Home Makeover

Harley got me into Extreme Home Makeover. This is where a team of designers and builders come to a deserving family and redo their home, giving each person a specially designed room and catering to their specific needs (i.e. making sure it's good if a family member is blind, in a wheelchair, autistic, etc.).

I admit I like the show. Since Lilah was born, I get emotional easily. TV shows that I could shrug off before now make me tear a little (I'll never admit to it, though). I know how much I love my child, so I can relate to others who are trying to take care of their families but having a hard time.

I think the show is great. They do really nice things for families that need it. Sure, it's a staged TV show and the bottom line is still to "make money," but they still do really good things while earning a profit.

I've been watching the show for a while and have seen some families that lost children, spouses, or had serious illness/injury take a toll. But lately, I feel guilty while watching the show because I only care about the families that are REALLY bad off.

You lost your job and had to move to a smaller house? So what? Arthritis? Big deal. One family had a room built dedicated to the memory of their son who died of cancer. Another had a house built for the family to prepare for the husband/father to die of brain tumor. This was real, visible pain that wouldn't be solved by a new house or funky decorations.

So as sick as sounds, I don't watch the shows where the new house is going to make all the difference. I watch to see the families where the problems can never be fixed, where the pain can never go away. I guess it's that I watch the show to see others worse off than me, which helps me appreciate what I have and satisfy this strange, voyeuristic need to witness the terrible reality of others from the comfort of my living room.

Damn it, when does LOST start again?!?

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