Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Hate Texas

Terrible evening. My 5:30pm flight to Dallas from Newark was delayed 90 minutes. There was no movie on the plane and the guy next to my hogged the arm rest. My Hertz car cost double what the travel agent said it would. My Neverlost didn't work and it had me go all over the state to get to the hotel. Stupid "President George Bush Turnpike" didn't have anyone to break a $1 bill to pay the 40cent toll. Luckily I had the change, but the toll machine didn't register it and I had to go through the toll booth. If I get a ticket, I'll fight it.

The roads in Texas are TERRIBLE. They have huge dips and humps but no warning. The signage is so bad it sent me into a parking lot instead of the freeway entrance. By the time I get to the hotel, it's raining hard - JUST IN TIME for me to get wet walking from the car to the lobby. I'm thirsty and there'ss supposed to be tea in the room, but housekeeping must not have left any cause it ain't here. And for the kicker... the operator called me Ma'am.

All this, and I got to wake at 6:30am. Woohoo. F&*kin' Texas.

EPILOGUE: I tried to get a drink at the vending machines, but the Stupid "President George Bush Turnpike" had taken all my dollar bills. Still, the bar had my favorite beer on tap (Sam Adams Winter Brew) and a few nice people. One was from New Orleans, another a Giants fan, and a bunch from Dallas so we talked about football. They also told me everyone runs the toll booths on the turnpike, and you get 3 free ones. It was really nice, the first nice thing Texas gave me all evening.

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