Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Second Anniversary

Last night was Harley and my second wedding anniversary. We actually celebrated on Friday night after I did 2 days of traveling. It was our first date night! We went to The Palm for steak, since we always go vegetarian; my steak was amazing, like tuna sashimi. It was really the best I’ve ever had. Harley had pasta, but the experience was wonderful. I loved going out again, but especially for steak!

Last night, we just hung out at home. Considering how much I’ve been traveling, hanging out at home was the perfect way to celebrate. At 10:30pm, I fed Lilah and burped her on my chest. She turned her head and stared up at me. I smiled at her and she gave me a huge smile. It was the best! She hung out with me for a good 2 hours, just kicking away while watching the Golden Globes. It was really awesome. I miss her all day, so the nights are important to me.

At midnight I go to bed. Harley says, “Good night! Thank you so much for the anniversary card!” I never got her a card. I know what I need to bring home tonight.

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