Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The New Weird Al Video

White and Nerdy It's surprisingly funny! Not only is the song and video funny, but it's pretty catchy, too. I find myself humming the tune without realizing. The rhymes are varied and intricate, very cool. I think my favorite part is Donnie Osmond, both for what he represents and his dance moves.

I'm not sure if Eminem will admit to being influenced by Weird Al videos, but he should. They have a similar visual vocabulary in all their videos. In any case, Weird Al is definitely using some of Eminem's style, both lyrically and visually, in his new work. And thank God! I was a huge fan when I was 9, but his stuff got too kiddy. Now, it's a little edgy (just a little).

Eminem seems to have given weird Al a new model to follow. But while Eminem makes fun and uses others to get laughs, weird Al still keeps the punchline directly on himself. It's nice, and very much in character with weird Al's sense of satire-as-an-honor. I'm glad that hasn't changed over the years.

Check this out after you watch the video. It's nice to know that today's geek-kids can now embarrass themselves in front of the entire world, instead of just their parents.

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