Monday, May 19, 2008

Things I Will Never Do

in no particular order:
- climb Mt. Everest
- participate in an actual MMA fight (mixed martial arts)
- visit Afghanistan
- use the phrase "I'm just thinking aloud"
- cut off all contact with my children
- quit my day job to become a traveling folk singer
- eat poo
- cook any more Harley-friendly meals if the socks are not folded in the next 72 hours


Don't Be So Dramatical said...

Please don't air our dirty laundry!

Boywonderesq said...

There goes our planned trip to Afghanistan to have our first real MMA fight :(

Jen said...

you're a liar. i see you eat poo all the time. it's called a sandwich from brooklyn bagel.

debbie millman said...

so glad you don't want to be a folk singer!