Friday, November 07, 2008

Brand Identity Crisis

Is it Electrasol?

No, it's Finish!!

This is not just bad packaging. It's bad strategy. If there aren't willing to walk away from Electrasol, then why are they bothering to change the name? This says that the brand has a certain amount of brand recognition and equity. It's so valuable, that they need to do a slow migration to change the name so they don't lose customers.

But they will lose customers. This is a brand in limbo. It doesn't know what it stands for. How can they persuade people to keep buying it?They didn't even bother to change the design. They just slapped a violator calling out the new name.

They should have done either of the following

1. gone to Finish now and added a violator saying "this used to be Electrasol"
* Campbell's went from "Select" to "Select Harvest" in this fashion

2. keep the name Electrasol but redesign it, rebrand the brand it
* I do this for a living

I say #2. This brand clearly has a heartbeat, and it's cheaper to fix and existing brand than create a new one. Plus, Electrasol could be a cool name. It's electric, it's bright like the sun, and could even work well with a retro 50's-pop art theme to match it's overstylized imagery of the glass.