Wednesday, November 05, 2008

McCain's Speech

Obama won. I am ecstatic! The whole night was a nail-biter; all the way to 9:30pm. :)

But McCain's concession speech was the most interesting. I saw one clear expression on his face: RELIEF. He was happy to be done, no more struggling being the underdog, and people questioning his judgment (which sucks). Too much worrying for an older man. He was great. If he had been like this the whole campaign, he might have had a chance!

Plus, I think McCain is happy to be able to stop fighting with Obama. McCain is a good politician and a honorable man. I'm sure he sees the potential in Obama. McCain has a history of bi-partisanship and getting behind the president (remember him hugging Bush?). He may trun out to be an ally in the senate. He could help move the Republican party more toward the center instead of off into right-minded obscurity. But I doubt it (he'll likely retire sooner rather than later).

As we've all noted, McCain seemed annoyed and angry at his supporters. He was very clear that Obama won hands down and that all Americans should get behind him. I wish he had yelled "Did you not hear a word I just said?" But they are a mob that his negative campaign created. He needs to accept the monster that he has created or do a better job of turning them from the Dark Side.

Think about it, Bush beat McCain twice: in 2000 and 2008. Sucks to be him. But luckily, that helped lead to this:


Anonymous said...

I didn't see relief. I saw an honorable man, an officer and a gentleman, trying to create unity even in his defeat. I admit his speech made me cry. I am a democrat. I stand by my party. But yes, last night I admired McCain.

TheMediaDude said...

I saw everything you saw. But I also saw a warrior happy that the war was over (aka relief.)

your SIL said...

I, inexplicably, felt very proud during McCain's speech - like he knew this really was a great thing that the first black man had been elected president, I believe he focused a lot on that (in a good way) because he sincerely felt it and it made it easier to deal with his own natural disappointment. I agree, Andrew, that had he looked and spoken like that during his campaign he would've had a better chance.

The R party is going to implode, the "small c" moderate conservatives for small gov't and less taxes will break away from the anti-evolution religious zealots who brought them to defeat. McCain tried to bring 2 distinctly different groups together (the Colin Powells with the Sarah Palins) - impossible! Now, party reflection begins...