Thursday, June 12, 2008

American Gothic in Stamnford

We took a family trip to Connecticut last weekend for me to do some store audits for work. We stopped off in Stamford to have dinner and go to Target. After one of the nicest pizza dinners of my life, we walked the few blocks to Target. On the way were statues of famous images and people. It was like the painted cows that were in NYC, but a little more touristy.

The coolest by far was the statues of the people in American Gothic, seen below. From the front, they were dead-accurate representations of the 2D picture. But from the side view, which has never been seen before, it took on a creepiness I didn't expect. These "people" had more character, a different energy. It might not be what Grant Wood intended, but it was cooool.

Can anyone spot Harley?? I bet not.

For reference...

Now that I look closer, the eyes are off. The woman seems too angry, and the guy's gaze is off to the size. Even the pitch fork is way off (probably from vandals). But at 7pm on Sunday in Stamford, none of that mattered.