Monday, June 02, 2008

A Great Weekend

Every couple weeks or so, Harley and I like to have a family day. This is where we spend the whole together, just the 3 of us. We did that this Saturday. It was awesome. Lilah got up really early, so we were out of the house by 11:30am. We had fun (and a nap) at Bed Bath & Beyond. We then had a quick lunch at Harley's favorite French Bakery. Lilah ate all my cucumbers. We then spent an hour at the park, where Lilah ran for 60 minutes straight.

Harley doesn't like Lilah playing in the sand box. She is afraid of the germs other kids left behind. I disagree. She said "I'll send you the articles!" (I'm still waiting for those.) We disagreed on this before Lilah set off to explore the park, and Harley followed. I sat on the bench to rest cause my feet her (they always do). 25 minutes later, I see Harley coming around the corner of the park, with Lilah still running in front of her. Lilah's hands were covered in... you guessed, sand.

A: "I thought you didn't want her to play with sand?"
H: "She didn't."
A: "Then what's all over her hands?"
H: "Oh, that's mud."
A: "Isn't mud worse than sand?!?"
H: "Shhhh..."
A: "The rich-people sandbox in an Upper East Side Manhattan park is way better than the mud."
H: "I simply don't know what you are talking about."

It was awesome. Try as she might, Harley is way too cool to keep Lilah from being a kid. From there, we walked uptown to a street fair on 2nd Avenue. God damn, I love living in the city right now. No car, no plans, and we walk into all the action on our way home. Highlights include:
- kettle corn
- Lilah chomping down endless amounts of watermelon
- the worst karaoke ever
- the smell of funnel cake & deep fried oreos
- buying cheap sunglasses that look identical to a pair I already own
- the nap when we got home

It was a great day. We had a healthy dinner and cleaned up the apartment. Lilah went to bed early and I got to watch UFC. Awesome.

Sunday, we went to Long Island to visit Meme, Poppy, and Mammy. They bought her a small Dora beach chair. Lilah was sitting in it in the kitchen, and all 3 dogs ere taking turns licking her face, with Meme keeping a watchful eye right next to her. Lilah LOVED it. Harley looked on, conflicted by her fear of dogs but happy to see Lilah having so much fun. There was no traffic on the LIE, and we made it home in 40 minutes on a Sunday night. Perfect.

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your sil said...

sounds fun, but, um, how many times a month do you go to BB&B? LOL