Saturday, June 07, 2008

And Then She Kissed Me

Last night, we took a family trip for Friday Night Sushi. We love Friday night sushi. And we always go to the same spot: Yuko, on 81st & York. It's close by, cheaper than the busier restaurants on 2nd Ave, and it's never crowded. We always get a table right away and can usually pick the one we want (near the window, away from the door).

The biggest reason we go there is because they love Lilah. All the waitresses know her by name, treat her like a queen, and are generally awesome. They know to bring edamame right away, never complain about the mess on the floor, and always give us free ice cream at the end of the meal.

Last night, during the ice cream, Lilah wants out of the booster seat. So I put her on my play, and she is surprisingly happy there. I'm feeding her ice cream ("mooshi"?) and she's getting it all over her face. She leans her head back and looks up at me. Then, she puts her lips together. I've seen this behavior from a lady before, but never one with so much ice cream on her face and rice in her hair.

I lean it to her and she kisses me, right on the lips. It was so cute. Harley "awws" and we all crack up. We do it again. Just as cute. It's a big deal for me. Being a Daddy means unloading the car by yourself, but it also means I work and don't get to see her most of the day. So I live for these little moments. Like when she runs and gives me a bear hug when I get home from work.

Moments that I do not live for:
- hearing the "I'm ready to play" cry at 6am
- getting poked in the eye at 7am
- getting kicked in the face at 7:10am
- then the family jewels at 7:20am
- watching Dora before the time I usually wake up for work
- picking little pieces of eggs out of Lilah's hair
- watching Wonderpets... again

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Don't Be So Dramatical said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! What a sweet little family ;)