Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing's Olympic Venues

A cool interactive map that shows all the Olympic venues in Beijing. I never understood how big the city was, nor did I realize the scope of how much happens everyday at the Olympics.

Seems like a waste for so much that has to be in place or built by the host country for just 3 weeks. That being said, I would love to have them in NYC! Maybe the East side subway would be pushed along to allow for the higher traffic. Sure there would be downsides and hassles that would suck, but it would be so cooool.

I have no idea how London is going to top Beijing. China put so much into these games, and it shows. Yes, there are scandals and problems (9yr olds who aren't cute enough, pre-taped fireworks, underaged gymanists), but come on... this is China!! They have been relatively well behaved for an oppresive, censor-happy, human-rights-ignoring totalitarian regime.

By the way, Micheal Phelps is awesome. Such an amazing athlete, he redefines what greatness means. And he still seems like a such nice kid. He deserves every cereal box and magazine cover that comes his way.

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