Thursday, August 14, 2008

Written in Spite of Myself

I'm not feeling like blogging, recently. I've been traveling for work, with the family in tow. I'd come home from some stressful meetings and watch Lilah play with her cousins while Dad made steak for dinner. Then, we'd watch the olympics for hours while I got drunk on beer some one else bought specifically for me. If only every day could be so good.

I'm trying really hard to not let having to do 3 things at once all day long bother me. I could have been a juggler as an adult, I've gotten so good at this.

I f*cking love watching the Olympics. Were those opening cereonies amazing or what?!? The most exciting event has been the men's 4x100M relay, where USA won it by a hair. It makes staying up till 1am worth it, if no less difficult.

I love the gymasts, especially Alicia Sacramone. Apparently, I am not alone. She might have single-handedly blown our chances for a gold medal, but in a wierd way that just make her hotter. Hands off, America. I saw her first. (Don't tell Harley.)

Those Chinese gymasts are no way in hell 16! One of them was missing a tooth. A baby tooth, which are supposed to be gone by age 12. but they have passports to prove their age. Who would give them passports with a false birth date? I'm looking at you, Chinese government.

Harley is awesome. Harley loves dogs.

My favorite cheese steak: chicken cheese steak with hot peppers, fried onions, and mayo on a toasted bun. The mayo is surprisingly awesome, adding a creaminess with a hint of vinegar that complements the salty meat. Andrew hungry....

Lilah continues to be the most adorable thing on the planet. The best sound in the world is "Dada! Dada! Dada!" Imagine that with her running towards you with a huge smile. Cannot be beat.

After 5 days in Philly, I gained 3 pounds. I had a very good time. These toll house cookies at 11:13pm are NOT helping.


Don't Be So Dramatical said...

Glad to know that my competition was born in 1987. You are officially a dirty old man ;)

your SIL said...

Damn! At least my competition is 1 month older than me! (Kerri Walsh turned 30 today.) Brian has an ode to her on his blog too. LOL