Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Homecoming

I was away Monday night and got back late Tuesday night. Harley's mom stayed over Monday night, and Lilah was in heaven. If you don't know, Lilah calls Harley's mom "Mimi." She got to sleep in the bed with Mommy and Mimi and played all day long.

I come home hoping/expecting a loving welcome from my daughter, whom I missed dearly. I walk in the door - our eyes meet - I smile at Lilah - Lilah looks at Harley.

"No, DaDa. Mimi. Bye, Dada! Mimi! Mimi! Bye, Dada!!" When she realizes I'm not going anywhere, her tears start falling. Exhausted, cranky, and rejected, I go and unpack in the bedroom.

She follows me in a few minutes later. A few verses of "Wheels on the Bus" on the guitar (my specialty) and we're friends again. But I now know where I firmly stand - 3rd place. Throw PopPop in the mix (my Dad), and I don't even get the bronze.

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