Monday, October 27, 2008

The New Carnation Creamer

I am a Carnation creamer brand loyalist. I do not like the International Coffees and like something sweet in the mornings (meaning, no milk in my coffee). I didn't think they needed to redesign (and I know for a fact that Nestle's budgets have been slashed), so I was surprised to see this:

The branding (logo) is close-in to the original and now much stronger. It's a little bigger with the outline around the heart. The lid has been changed a bit; maybe it's easier to use now. I don't know. The cup of coffee at the bottom looks better, too. It's one of the key equities for the brand.

(The bottles are shrink wrapped. When the film gets heated and shrinks to the bottle, it can warp the graphics where the bottle's neck comes in. The cup is so important, that they put the cup at the bottom, where it's safe, and the logo at the top where it may warp.

My big BIG problem is the flavor name. It's hard to see in this image, and in real life. They should have made it darker to pop off the yellow banner, but I'm sure it works better on the blue of French Vanilla.

All in all, good job. Now I have to bug my Nestle client for more work.

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