Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Friskies Packaging

Here's the newly redesigned Friskies packaging:

It's been on shelf a few weeks now, maybe longer. I worked on this brand. We were in a "bake off" with 2 other agencies where we did a design exploratory, with the winner getting the full project. I spent a lot time with this brand, including staying at the office till 2am before a 6am flight the next day, and an overnight trip to Tampa for research. We didn't win, but I did play a role.

I think the new pack looks great. Not sure who did it, but good job. The cat is cute and looks engaged with the product. Flavors are easily differentiated, and the branding changed just enough to look better but still look familiar.

I hate working on pet foods. There are never any good pictures of animals. None. You have to go out and shoot them, which is so expensive that no one does it. "This cat looks sad." "It's too fat." "Can you make it smile?" Yes, I have seen pictures where we turned the cat's mouth into a creepy smile.

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